I’m a Jewish girl who writes Christian Fiction! How did this happen? Glad you asked!

I am a Messianic Jew, wife and mother living in Orange County, California.  I have been married to my husband Michael since 1986.

My entire family is Jewish.  I attended a reformed Temple in my youth (the most liberal) and observed the high holy days, but it was mostly done out of a cultural obligation rather than devotion to God. Like many Jews, I was raised with an anti-Christian/anti-Jesus “bias” and was taught that it was the height of betrayal to my Jewish heritage to “convert”. Growing up I had little to no interest in “religion” and at the age 13 considered myself an atheist.  At this time the “Jesus Movement” was in full swing, and I found myself a “prime target” for the “Jesus Freaks”. 

I came to faith in Jesus as Messiah as a direct result of watching the television film, “Jesus of Nazareth” by Franco Zefferelli in 1977. From that moment on I began to read the Old Testament and discovered that believing in Jesus was the fulfillment of my Jewish faith. I became the Jesus Freak I used to make fun of.

I also LOVE to read.

My mom used to volunteer at the local library and would bring home a stack of books every week for me to read and I ploughed through them. I could read before I entered first grade. Books take me to wonderful places (both real and imagined). If a book can make me weep or laugh out loud OR make me think about it long after “The End” then I know I have experienced something wonderful!

That’s how I learned to write. I hope you will read my books. I hope they will make you cry and laugh but most of all I hope they will take you to a place where you will experience God’s amazing love for yourself!

My tongue is the pen of a ready writerPsalm 45:1