Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new author website!


In addition to my breast cancer blog (Kvetching with Marlayne), I now have this author website dedicated to my books. I will be sending out a newsletter on a monthly basis which may be unique to most typical newsletters because I will be inviting people to share their deepest, heartfelt wish with me to be eligible to receive a custom written "wish fulfillment" short story written by me. As soon as I have enough for another "Make a Wish" type book, I will be publishing it into a sequel novel.

The newsletter will also be asking subscribers to share their "God stories". Stories of supernatural answers to prayer, angelic visitations, maybe even a glimpse of heaven experiences. I will also be sharing some of my favorite go-to resources for defending the faith, bible prophecy (a passion) as well as the latest news on my author journey and books.

I hope you'll both subscribe to my website and sign up for the newsletter!

Here's to the journey ahead!